IT Managers and CEOs

Yes, that’s great, thank you!
we tested the new program on one scanner and everything is running well…

Thanks and best regards, Martin
(IT Manager Germany)


Really, thank you very much for your support during these days (and your patience)
(IT Manager Spain)

That looks excellent. I like it.

Good work guys in getting this implemented for us here. Many thanks as always for the outstanding work!


(IT Manager USA)

Hello friends
Thank you very much for the great / quick and kindly support.
You made my day.
Kind regards
(CEO China)


I tried to edit users and now it works correctly. I know it’s a public holiday in CZ, so thanks a lot for the quick help. We appreciate this a lot.

Best regards,
(CEO Belgium)


As for your training, given the short time we had available, it was really necessary for us to grasp a better understanding on these functionalities, as well as the implications of processing all pending messages in the export window – and more important, which steps to follow in case we find problems. So our evaluation of your training is very positive, and would like to say thanks for it.

(CEO Spain)